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Our Farm

Cedar House Farms is a Certified Naturally Grown farm that grows fruit, flowers, vegetables and mushrooms.  We also raise chickens for eggs and raise heritage breed hogs and grass fed beef. CHF is owned and operated by Jennifer and Matt Collins. Our farm is a mix of 18 acres of woods and pasture in Davie County.  We use crop rotation to grow fresh and healthy products.   We strive to grow only the best varieties of produce and flowers for our customers.  

We encourage our customers to buy locally grown produce to support the local economy and keep the small farmer growing the best varieties for flavor.   Please call or text and come by the farm for the very freshest of produce.    We can also be found at several farmers markets in the area. 

We grow many varieties of different vegetables and fruit. We believe this is important so that you can eat exciting varieties of food that can’t be purchased at a super market that caters only to “shelf life” and cares little for flavor.  We pick our vegetables and melons when they are packed with flavor so you get the very best.  

All our seeds and transplants are organic unless organic seed is unavailable.  We do not use Genetically Modifieid seeds or spray synthetic chemicals for pesticides.  Our Certified Naturally Grown status is based on using the highest standard of organic production and soil and land conservation techniques.  

We grow on the same land our children play on and we wish to pass on a healthy lifestyle to them and for future generations to enjoy the land.

Upcoming Events and Activities

What We’ve Got Planned For You

Farmer's Markets

Cedar House Farms will be attending farmers markets in 2023

You can find us at the following markets:

-Cobblestone Market on Saturdays 

Floral Workshops

Interested in floral design, and love to see local flowers in production? These are a fun way to experience both.  Classes are led by Jennifer Collins and staff and you will walk away with 2 finished products.  Cost is $75.  Classes to begin in April 2023

Call or email us if you have a special order

 1302 Godbey Rd Mocksville NC 27028


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