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Our Farm

As a family-owned farm, Cedar House Farms takes great care in producing high-quality flowers, fruit and produce while maintaining sustainable and ethical farming practices. We grow and harvest our crops with care, using organic methods and sustainable practices that help preserve our environment while producing nutrient-rich and flavorful fruit and gorgeous fresh flowers. We believe that by offering fresh, locally grown produce, we are not only providing our customers with healthy and delicious food, but we are also supporting our community and local economy.  We know that quality is so important to our customers and we make it our priority!

Upcoming Events and Activities

What We’ve Got Planned For You

Farmer's Markets

Cedar House Farms will be attending farmers markets in 2024

You can find us at the following markets:

-Cobblestone Market on Saturdays

-Greensboro Farmers Market on Saturdays 

Floral Workshops

Interested in floral design, and love to see local flowers in production?  We offer floral design workshops based on the season and what is growing fresh in the fields.  Look for our newest workshops online and on our instagram and Facebook feeds.

Text, call or email us if you have a special order

 1302 Godbey Rd Mocksville NC 27028


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