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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your produce chemical free?

We follow the guidelines set forth for organic production.  We use organic seeds whenever possible and organic soil amendments.

When should I make an appt for wedding flowers?

It is best to reserve your date for wedding flowers 3-6 months in advance.  We typically only do 1-2 wedding per week and need time to order and prepare for the big events.

What do you grow?

We grow fruit, flowers and seasonal vegetables.  We also have our own forested pork, grass fed beef and eggs available.

What varieties of flowers do you grow?

We grow many varieties that do well in the southeast heat and humidity.  Everything from ranunculus, lisianthus and anemones to summer flowers like sunflowers and dahlias.  Depending on when your event is will determine the flowers available.

Can I come to the farm to take a look around?

We are available for tours only with reservations.  Daily we are open at the store on the farm for pick up of orders and items that are readily available.  Check our facebook page for store hours and what will be available.

Can you tell us about your eggs?

We allow our chickens to roam free on grass during the day and feed them organic feed.  At night we safely lock them up for their protection and to rest.  We love our sweet hens and feel like their egg quality is wonderful!


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